Wednesday, January 27, 2016

No Snag Ergo Hook Case - A FREE Pattern

I really wanted a crocheted case that the end of my hooks would not pop through. I also market a larger ergo size hook line that make my hooks hard to fit in normal cases. So I designed this to toss in my crochet bag and not snag my hook on it’s own case!

No Snag Ergo-Hook Case


This pattern was designed by Kelli Wohlgemuth of SICK 'LIL MONKEYS, exclusively for Cre8tion Crochet
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Annie's #3 Crochet Cotton Thread  
(One ball makes about 6)
1 Button - 1" for closure loop
Optional 2 - 1/2" buttons for hanging strap
CH = Chain
ST = Stitch
SL ST = Slip Stitch
SC = Single Crochet
SC INC = Work 2 Single Crochets in the same stitch
FLO = Front Loop Only
BLO = Back Loop Only
Skill Level:
8 SC x 8 rows of SC = 1" x 1"
PLEASE save time and do a gauge swatch, this is a TIGHT gauge.  It is important so that your hook doesn't snag the case while storing it.

Metal Needle
Measuring Tape
One size - Case will hold a 5" - 7" ergo hook

No Snag Ergo-Hook Case - Make 1 with C hook or hook needed to meet gauge
1) Do not count CH 1 as a ST.
2) Work 1st ST in same ST as CH 1.
3) When Join is indicated, join to the top of the 1st ST worked.

Round 1:  In Magic Circle, CH 1, SC 9, Join to 1st SC with a SL ST <9 ST>
Round 2: CH 1, SC INC around, join to 1st SC with a SL ST <18 ST>
Round 3: CH 1, *(SC, SC INC), repeat* around, join to FLO of 1st SC with a SL ST <27 ST>
Round 4: CH1, SC around, do not join <27 ST>
Round 5: Working in the round now, continue SC around working over the SCs from Row 4, join to 1st SC of Row 5 with a SL ST <27 ST>
Round 6:  CH 1, SC around, do not join but begin working in the round again <27 ST>
Round 7 - Round 48:  Continue SC around, working in the round until tube is 6" long, Once piece is long enough SL ST to BLO of next ST to smooth top edge, do not finish off <27 ST>
(Note, if you would like a longer or shorter tube, subtract 8 rows for a 5" tube, add 8 rows for a 7" tube and so on)

Closure Flap
Row 1: CH 1, Working in BLO, SC 10 <10 ST>
Row 2 - 17:  CH 1, turn, SC 10 <10 ST>

Edging and Button Loop: CH 1, SC INC in side of 1st row, then SC 1 in the side of the rest of the rows <13 ST>, crochet around the mouth of the tube <17 ST>, SC up the other side of flap, SC INC in side of last row <13 ST>, SC INC in 1st ST at top, SC 4, CH 12, SL ST to last SC, SC 4, SC INC in last ST <12 ST, plus loop> finish off, close with needle and weave in ends. <55 ST, one button loop>

Optional Hanging Strap: Add to hang from your on the go bag!
Row 1: CH31, SC in back ridge of 2nd CH from hook and the back ridge of each CH across <30 ST>
Row 2 - 3: CH1, turn, SC across <30 ST>
Row 4: CH1, turn, SC 2, CH 5, SK 5, SC 16, CH 5, SK 5, SC 2 <20 ST, 2 button holes>
Row 5: CH1, SC 2, SC 5 in CH space, SC 16, SC 5 in CH space,  SC 2 <30 ST>
Row 6 - 7: CH1, turn, SC across <30 ST>

Finishing: Add button about 4 to 8 rows from the top of tube.  If you choose to make a hanging strap add 1/2" buttons to each side

I hope you enjoyed the No Snag Ergo-Hook Case!

This pattern is the intellectual property of Kelli Wohlgemuth. SICK 'LIL MONKEYS reserves all rights to the photos and designs with in this document.   You may sell any items made from this pattern, but please do not distribute the pattern.  I also really appreciate being credited for the pattern when you post photos of your work, but it is not a requirement.  :) 

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