Monday, May 6, 2013

What crochet stitches are you forgetting?

OK, so all of us hookers have finally been blessed with crochet coming back in style.  We see it in accessories, photo props, cozy covers, and tiny stuffed animals.  SO we now pattern demand is up, but how do you make YOUR pattern stand out?  It is all about texture and DETAILS.  The general rule of product supply is you either have to be the first, be the fastest, or be the best.  Obviously, it is fairly hard in the year 2013 to be the FIRST to crochet anything.  And fastest works for the supply portion, but won't help us sell patterns....I guess we have to be the BEST.
To be the BEST, we have to get the details right, this is where having a barrage of special stitches to choose from will set you pattern that tiny step ahead of similar patterns available.

Changing colors - Often when creating a pattern, I remind myself not everything has to be an appliqué.  There are times you can use "Tapestry" crochet or working over the color, to crochet one piece with various designs.