Friday, June 14, 2013

My FAVORITE Crochet site YET!

Many of you likely already know of this site, BUT I was just introduced to it today!  This site has a VIDEO Stitch - onary Guide!!!  I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out!!!!

New Stitch A day Video Stitchonary

I LOVE this "boxed puff" stitch.  They send you a new stitch to your email everyday too!  Today they shared a "Rapids Stitch"

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Acrylic vs Cotton: How One Hooker Learned to Stop and Smell the Cotton

For MOST of my "crochet life" I was avidly against COTTON.  I just did NOT understand WHY people would write patterns using it, OR what was wrong with my old acrylic.  Let me start by saying, it is not a war!  There isn't a "winner" or "loser" between the two.  So, we'll explore the benefits of BOTH, and hopefully get you "smelling the cotton" by the end of this blog post!