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Celebrating 12K with SLM - January 23rd Co-Featured designers - Briar Rose Boutique and Mumbles Mummy

January 23rd Co-Featured designers - That's a BONUS Jungle Cats!  Be sure to read on about a THIRD freebie today from yours truly!

Briar Rose Boutique

I cannot not say enough about Sarah, from Briar Rose Boutique.  Sarah is somewhat of a SUPER mom.  I don't know how she manages all of those beautiful children AND runs a brilliant design, crochet, embroidery and craft business, but she juggles it all!  Her "Monster High Hats"  are so cute I just giggle everytime I see one.

I have a niece getting one as a surprise this year for her birthday!  To check them out and buy one for just $4 or the whole book of them for just $18, CLICK HERE.   PLUS she is giving us 30% off her ENTIRE Ravelry today with code: CONGRATS, that makes them EVEN cheaper!!!!

But it gets BETTER, ya'll!  Also, today JUST for us lucky Sick Lil Monkey Celebration Party goer's, she is giving us a copy of her "Mr and Mrs Bear Cub Hat" Pattern!  I just LOVE this stinkin' cute lil thang!  GET IT HERE.  Please be sure your cart updates to free with code: SLM12K at checkout.  No refunds, exchanges, or transfers.  Valid 1/23/2016 12:00am EST through 11:59pm EST ONLY.

Featured designer:
Mumbles Mummy

This next awesome lady, from all the way across the big pong in the UK, is Beth from Mumbles Mummy.  I actually cam,e across this gem looking through project photos on another designer.  Her photography impressed me and I reached out, only to find out she has some really amazing patterns tpoo!  The moral here Jungle cats, is upload them projects!!!  Get 'er done, they DO get noticed!  ;)

First I want to show you one of my favorites in her store, I know more than one or two guys that would just die for one of these this winter, and if the storm really hits Georgia tonight, I may want one myself!  Certainly "pop-culture current", but just THINK how WARM it would be!!!!  CLICK HERE to get the "Chulthu Ski Mask" pattern for less than $5! 

Take a look at her items and while you are there pick up this amazing FREE Turtle Shell Cowl Pattern she is offering JUST SLM fans FREE today!  GET IT HERE.  Please be sure your cart updates to free with code: SLM12K at checkout.  No refunds, exchanges, or transfers.  Valid 1/23/2016 12:00am EST through 11:59pm EST ONLY.

But, wait!  It's day 13!  That's a baker's dozen, and a baker's dozen always has one extra in it, right?  Right?  I can't hear you!  Yes!  That's right!  SO, here for you awesome vine swinging hookers, I have my BRAND-new, JUST released with this blog post,........drumroll please......"Husband's Helping Hand" Pattern! (Please note the coupon code change.  I cannot reuse the old code, and I will not be responding to comments with questions about it.  Love you all but please read for me.  :)  

 A few months back Daddy Monkey (<---this is what the doggie babies and I call the hubs), was complaining that all of our "tawashi's" were too small for his "big monkey man hands" (<---his words folks!).  He requested I make one "man-sized" for him to help with the dishes and wiping of the Jungle.  Jungles get dirty VERY quickly you know!  I had to admit, that at 6' 3", the average tawashi really ISN'T much for a man to try to use.  This did so well in testing and ALL the hubbies loved it!  We got photos back using these for everything from dishwashing, to garage cleaning, electronics wiping, car buffing, you name it!  Give YOUR Daddy Monkey a reason to get on HIS "Honey-Do" list witgh this freebie from us today.  oh, and tell him Kelli says...."You're welllllllll-come.  :)"

Please be sure your cart updates to free with code: SLM12K2 at checkout.  
No refunds, exchanges, or transfers.  Valid 1/23/2016 12:00am EST through 11:59pm EST ONLY.

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