Saturday, January 16, 2016

Celebrating 12K with SLM - January 16th Featured Designer - Little Mee Creations

January 16th Featured designer and Thank you Gifts for 13K:
Little Mee Creations and Thank You gifts from SLM (Sick Lil Monkeys)

Day 6 of the "Celebrating 12K with SLM" Party!  Today we have the most adorable items designer, Little Mee Creations.  There is SO much to adore in her shop, that I really hope you head over and just take it all in for yourself, but I will tell you about 4 I just DIED over here in this post, including coupons on a few, AND a freebie!!!  I am just tickled we are blessed enough to have this gem at our party.  Be sure you head over to FaceBook and give her a like too!  Last we will talk about the thank you gifts I have for you all amazing Jungle cats for helping me reach ANOTHER milestone!  That's right we hit 13,000 facebook likes yesterday!!!!  Now, on to the patterns!

Little Mee Creations:  
I was over the moon about so many patterns, but here were my favorites and why.

Snowy Baby Polar Bear Set
Cutest thing EVER!  I've already bought my copy, because after I saw this in her Ravelry and fell in love then I found a coupon code!  This is 30% off through the 19th of Jan with code: SNOWY, well, it just jumped in my cart and I up and bought ity!  I know you may want to as well!  Click HERE to get it!

'Lucky', the Chihuahua Dog Amigurumi

Ok, so this looks JUST like our little JJ puppy!  and the BEST part>?  Oh yeah, it's FREE.  Get it HERE!

Now HONESTLY, who DOESN'T need a $2 Baymax???  I know I do!!!  Get this adorable fella HERE.

Royal Convertible Slipper Boots - Womens S, M, L
How awesome was it to discover the next favorite on my list is Little Mee Creations gift to the Jungle fans today!!!!  Just use code: SLM12K at checkout.  Get your copy 1/16/2016 12:00am thru 11:59pm EST ONLY.  Please be sure your cart updates to free at check out, No refunds or exchanges.  :)

Sick Lil Monkeys 13K fan Gifts:
Yesterday we reached yet ANOTHER milestone, today as my gift to you, I invite you all to spend $5 of your choice in my Ravelry shop.  Get one $2, or get 3 and pay the $1 difference, it is all up to you to spend your $5 how you choose!  Just use code SLM12K at checkout.  Click HERE to go to the Sick Lil Monkeys Ravelry Shop.  Please enjoy your pattern and THANK YOU Jungle cats, you are all the reason I LOVE what I do! 

And as a VERY special thank you, we must be CRAZY, but Daddy Monkey has promised to pitch in and help me, if we extend the sale for you all through the weekend.  That's right, JUST for being so amazing, enjoy 25% through 1/18/2016 11:59pm EST in our Etsy shop with code: SLM12K.  My hands are going to HATE me but every single stinkin adorable one of you is so worth it!  Till tomorrow loves, Party on!

January 15th DOUBLE FEATURE: 25% off Bubble Hooks and guest designer, Yarn Medley's From the Heart

It's Day 5 of our Celebrating 12K with SLM Party!  I am excited to say it looks like we will hit 13K before the Party ends on January 25th!!!  To Thank You for this unplanned milestone, I want to offer EVERY SINGLE JUNGLE FAN 25% off any Etsy shop purchase.  I am sure you understand why I cannot open this type of special very long, so while I have the attention of so many of you, I feel like I can give the MOST of you ever the opportunity to own your Bubble Hook at an even MORE affordable price!  Just use code SLM12K at checkout and your entire cart will be discounted 25%.  (Available designs may vary)
 Valid 12:00 am 1/15/2016 thru 11:59pm EST 1/15/2016 ONLY.  and again THANK you for being such an awesome loyal fan. 
Don't forget there are new entry options in the giveaway each day!  We have SO many wonderful prizes for you all! ENTER HERE

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