Thursday, September 29, 2016

WIDE Color Pooling

Not long ago, like most of you, I began to see "color pooling" popping up everywhere in our crochet world.  I was very drawn to it,  especially since I have never really appreciated variegated before. Now I saw a way to really enjoy some of my favorite variegated colorways!  So, last week I gave it a shot, and it was neat but I had this fairly narrow piece of fabric, and the first method I read about, i.e. chaining 20 or 24, certainly isn't fool proof, I finished not really understanding HOW I successfully color pooled, and with a piece of rectangle crocheted cloth that was not good for very much.   

Meanwhile, also like most of you, I was reading lots about all of these amazing super scarves! I had a super cool idea  for one I Wanted to make myself , but I needed a wider section of color pooling.....Hmmmmmm.....     

Then two days ago, I came across the article that made my "light bulb click".  I REALLY HOPE YOU will checkout this explanation of color pooling by Ann Mancini-Williams, over at the Glamour4You Blog.  The article is appropriately titled, "Planned Pooling With Crochet Made Easy - 4 Simple Steps".  Once I finished her article I felt certain I knew how to go WIDE.  

Go read her tutorial, and then try working TWO full color repeats for the first row.  In the photos above I added one stitch past my color repeats, but I think my next attempt I will try adding 1 stitch for EACH color repeat. I may even try a full afghan size.  Have YOU TRIED WIDE COLOR POOLING?  PLEASE COMMENT AND  LET US KNOW below! 

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