Saturday, October 22, 2016

My repurposed "Easy Peasy 18" doll panties"

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 As amazing a blessing as the hooks ARE, making them does come with challenges as most jobs do.  I have tried buying many sets of those cheap little magic gloves so I could hopefully sand hooks with out blistering, yet I needed a few fingers free.  This caused me to cut up a pair of magic gloves intentionally for the first time in my life!  (FYI, the pair I used was 37 cents at walmart and later, made two pair of painties in about 19 minutes lololololol.)

Ok, ok, so I know, you are thinking, "Shut up already and tell us HOW!!!!!"
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Well, I guess a supply list would sure help huh????  Ok so I used the end of an old sweatshirt, a scrap ball off red heart with love, a pair of scissors, a needle, red heart sizzle thread, and one use magic glove.

For the halter do carefully use scissors or a crochet hook to make a hole about 3/4" and 3/4" down from the edge of the un cut side of the cuff.  In the photo below, you see this with the end of a cut off sweatshirt cuff (I used a teen large):
 Next use your worsted weight yarn of choice.  I gathered the exact center like a fan, being careful to turn my cut side under.  I tied a knot ROUND THE BAck, then the front, and then the back again, then I used two looops from the long ends to tie double bows with, and finally trimmed my edges.
 Next thread a large eye metal needle with your yarn of choice.  Go in through the hole you made and come out exactly where the material makes the nice fold, pull the thread through and remove the needle.  Thread the other end and bring it up through the hole as shown.  Pull until the ends are even (about 10" and tie a knot.)  Now you have a halter top for the panties or bikini bottoms below!


Get a glove out.  You're going to cut a semicircle about 1.5" down from the bottom of the wrist band at the sides, but close to about 3" at the center as shown below:

 Use stitch markers, safety pins, yarn, or anything really to mark the "crotch".  I made mine about 1.5" wide dead center of the item.
 Next, I whip stitched it closed back and forth about three times.  I tied off and wove in my thread ends. After you whip stitch the "crotch" closed, you'll turn them inside out.
I didn't want the leg holes to unravel, so I grabbed a G clover amour Bubble Hook and used it to create evenly spaced single crochet stitches around each leg hole.  With a G hook, worsted weight yarn, and tight tension I got 25 ST per leg.
Once both legs are completed, weave in ends and your panties are DONE.  I have so many more ideas brewing for these I'm buying gloves in bulk,LMBO!!!!!  What do YOU think of this?  Have you tried something similar?  Tell us below!

We so hope you enjoyed our "Easy Peasy 18" doll undies!  Don't forget to check out the bubble hook sale before it ends!

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  1. Such an awesome idea, there is always that 1 glove that doesn't have a mate as well.