Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What IS a Mudd Bubble Hook anyway?

As we grow, we have many fans that have been with us since we began four years ago, and we are happy to welcome many new fans.  At one time we utilized Etsy for order processing, however Etsy doesn't allow me to accurately reflect wait times, and I felt really creatively stifled with a constant list on order.  Etsy has a separate messaging system as well, which some of our customers never check or respond to when we have questions about their order. We understand our hooks are an investment.  The caning takes hours to weeks, the sculpting itself takes even more, then they are put through 5 grades of hand sanding, a mineral oil treatment, and dremel buffing to achieve a truly silky smooth feeling on what we feel is the BEST hook you will ever use.  We take our customers feedback SERIOUSLY.  Over the four years we have even edited and streamlined the sculpt based on YOUR combined feedback.  We are proud to say we have a very successful hook line, but unlike some hook makers with a team of over 20 artisans, I am but one person.  My hands are beginning to argue and dictate how much I can work the clay each day.

Just to give you more background on "us", the hubby, "Daddy Monkey" got a wonderful promotion at his job last week.  He began training this week, and his new salary, however we will have a small delay in the income as it will take about 3 weeks to see the first full paycheck.  When he first applied for this promotion, we had a customer so so upset that the wait times were not reflected accurately.   AFter a few ugly emails, and lots of tears, Daddy Monkey said, "No More.  Your hands hurt daily.  Finish Etsy and then sculpt only when you are inspired, as with the promotion we won't NEED you to sculpt any longer, you can get back to design, and sculpting when your hands feel good."  And this was the plan until we received a phone call late on the evening of 9/15/2016.  His dad has that ugly "C" word.  And they are using very finite terms, and we won't give it power by speaking it.  Suddenly I know I MUST sculpt and nothing matters but getting him to his dad.

I still had 4 Etsy orders for a total of 14 hooks to finish when I began the sale. As I worked them I decided to start practicing canes, I mean they are mudd hooks anyway, right?  And I think we have found the best solution for both me AND you!  The last 6 mudd hook styles I have made came from one of three places:
1)Practice canes
2) Older canes that needed to be mudded because they were too difficult to work
3) The ends of new canes I have reduced
What this is doing is causing each hook to be more of a surprise design rather than just swirling into muddy colors.  I will continue to work mudds in this fashion, depending on what is on my table or coming off my pasta roller you could get ANY design from an ombre, to a mudd cane, or cane ends.  Here is a photo of the last 6 styles before sanding:

I'm going to keep mudd prices where I have them for now, the sale prices will stand.  And those are:
Any size that I have on hand in Bates, Boye, or Amour:
Bates - $27
Boye $25
Amour  - $40
To order a specific size not in overstock or on hand:
Bates $37
Boye $35
Amour $50
To order any specific cane design, it will be full price as the canes will be limited and make 10 - 15 hooks each. Also just for the ease of processing I am no longer keeping canes and multiple listings for years on end, we will have them and make hooks with them until; they are gone.  If you want to be one of the 10 - 15 we that we make you'll need to order that specific design at full price:
Any size Boye - $45
Any size Bates - $47
Any size Amour - $57

I hope this helps clarify for any of you that may be confused.  We will continue the sale until the day of his dad's event just hoping on a wing and a prayer we get him there.  And if we don't thank you all for trying, and we will have to send Daddy Monkey to visit behind his other siblings in November.

After this sale, I will offer hooks occasionally but will mostly be getting back to hooking.....I HOPE!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Do you have a Boye D hook on hand? Or which category would the Boye D hook fall into?

    1. Hi Kim. We sure do! We have several Boye D's on hand in overstock. Please message us on Facebook and we'll get you taken care of! 😘

  2. Dear Kelli, I'm so sorry for everything that is happening. I'm well familiar with hand pain, and illness in the family. I would like a D hook in any color or hook brand but only if you have it on hand. I wish to assist you guys but not put you out. It is so stressful as it is. Please let me know how to go about paying you for the order. Much love...Chelin Fusco

    1. Hey Chelin! We will message you on Facebook to get you invoiced. Thank you and much love