Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bow Tie Lovey Basket Pattern and Yarn Review

Daddy monkey and I have had a TON of visits to the colorectal surgeon's in the past 24 months.  As we are nearing his release from his second major surgery, I became aware his surgeon's wife was pregnant.  I couldn't resist making up the Doctor's Scrub Hat and Stethoscope Set By KT and The Squid for him.  (Note the photo below is not the set I made up, it goes with the original pattern located on Ravelry)
Photo Copyright 2012 Lauren Bedell Photography/KT and The Squid
Her pattern was super easy to follow start to finish, and I was able to make the whole set in just a couple hours.  But oh no!  When I brought it in the nurse, (whom I had not noticed was even pregnant!) says, "What about MY baby?"  after discussing nursery colors and animals with her, she settled on a Hello Kitty Lovey.  I grabbed the Hello Kitty Lovey Blankie pattern by Knotty Hooker Designs and wanted to give it just a little something extra.  I thought about this soft bed and doll I had growing up.  You could use the bed as a purse and stick other little things inside as well.  So I decided to create a purse/basket for the lovey.  Here's where a little bit of fate worked some magic.  Red Heart Yarns had kindly sent me a skein of Red Heart Boutique Twilight in color way Electric.  Well there just have never been a better variegate to match our favorite feline friend!  So I made this little basket, it is a 3D version of the bow, and uses that famous flower as a closure.  I worked the basket and accompanying pillow with exactly 1 skein of this awesome yarn.  The yarn itself is almost a long knitted piece of work, making it even neater to use it for crocheting an item.  I love how it is combining SO many art forms in one amazingly soft material!  Plus it is so thick it works a project up in no time flat!   Please find the pattern attached below:

Bowtie Lovey Basket

1 skein Red Heart Boutique Twilight in color way Electric
1 size 10.0 mm Bubble Hook or size needed to obtain gauge
small amount of polyfil for the pillow

6 rows x 4 ST = 2"

R1: CH 9, SC in 2nd CH from hook and in next 6 ST, 3 SC in last ST, turn to work otherside of CH, SC 6, SC 2 in last ST, join to 1st ST with SL ST <18 ST>
R2: CH 1, *[6 SC, *(SC INC, SC) three times]twice, join to 1st ST with SL ST <24 ST>
R3: CH 1, *[6 SC, *(SC INC, 2 SC) three times]twice, join to 1st ST with SL ST <30 ST>
Finish off.  Find the middle stitch in each side and join with a SC, SL ST to the back ridge ans SC around in the round for 6 rounds.  CH 8 to form loop to link around flower. SC back to main part of basket around to other side (15 ST) and work a surface crochet SC around the SC from the round below, CH 4 and form a loop by SCing back to the beginning CH, SL ST to the inside of the loop and *(CH 2, DC, CH 2, SL ST to loop) six times to form flower then SC back to side of basket.  SC all the way around basket once more (30 ST), then CH 20 for handle, skip 10 ST on basket and join to other side SC 5, CH 20, SKIP 10 ST and join to other side with SC, SC 4 more, then SC around the CH 20 handle 20 times, SC 5 across the side, then SC 20 around the other handle, SC 5 across side and join to 1st handle with a SL ST, finish off.

CH 5, SC in 2nd CH from hook and across
Work 8 SC rows, fold in half, sc around all sides placing 3 SC in each hole.  Use a tiny bit of polyfill to make it puffy.

Now add your lovey so she can ride in style to your lucky recipient!

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