Friday, August 7, 2015

OttLite Review and giveaway

I am so excited we have been contacted by OttLite!  

They were tagged in a post with me showing off my super sexy headlamp I wear to sculpt clay and work hard to see yarns, the photo must have tickled them because they emailed me to say I just had to try an OttLite instead of that headlamp!  I am not sure if it was me or Daddy Monkey that was the most excited opening the package yesterday, he normally isn't so enthused over our deliveries, lol!  He has already promised to steal the awesome LED Mini Flip Lite  handheld version to assist seniors at work with reading menus.  I deboxed the 13w Folding Task Lamp and added it to my clay table.  Now keep in mind I already have several energizer headlamps, an overhead light, and my grandfather's massive 75 watt crane desk lamp in use.  I was immediately amazed at the color differnce in my clays, and the detail I can make out!  I am very particular about the Bubble hooks we sell, and each goes through several hand sandings and dremel sandings before it is ready to oil or glaze.  
I am constantly getting up for an extra unplanned touchup sanding by my back kitchen window so I can utilize the natural daylight there, I can already tell this ottlite will cut those trips in half! 
 Check out the differences in the color on my clay table below:

Now check out the differences! Red is famous for never photographing accurately, it's just a tough subject and  look at the magenta clay in the Ottlite photo, it's PERFECT!

OK, so by now, you probably are thinking, "Well 'I' want to check out the OttLite TOO, mama monkey!"  Well, no worries my Jungle friend!  We have a giveaway for you to win these SAME two model OttLites!!!!  If you can't wait for the giveaway just head over and purchase one at their website, or your local Joann's or Michaels for yours today!

(Giveaway closed 8/14/2015.  WInners are STephanie Bean Nogle, Amanda STevens, and Pamela Emerson.)  Or you can find tons of ways to enter to win one below: a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Awesome giveaway, and great review!! The color difference is crazy!

  2. the lighting is awesome. I use a overhead and a table lamp and still need light. love it!