Monday, July 6, 2015

An Infinity Yarn One Skein free CAL and Yarn Review

How much FUN was the first CAL I have ever "officially joined"?  A few weeks ago I heard all the buzz about the Christmas Present Crochet Along with ELK Studios, and when the supply list hit, I just happened to have the PERFECT Red Heart Boutique Infinity Yarn to use.

This is a super soft and slightly fuzzy Bulky yarn by Red Heart.  The color ombres from light to dark throughout, and has a hint of sparkle woven in for an added little punch in design.  I would say this is my favorite variegated bulky yarn yet, I am usually not a huge fan of variates.

With proper tension this Bulky weight CAL and ONE skein of Infinity yarn match up as a perfect afternoon project!  I did run into a knot in the skein about 10 yards from the end, which though frustrating did not prevent me from completing the project.  I ended with 62" of yarn leftover.  The gradual change in colors of the infinity Yarn is Quite impressive, especially here with the stitch selected by Kathy over at ELK on the first Christmas Present CAL of 2015.

Now if you haven't checked out the ELK Studios CAL, Head on over!  This is a remarkable idea for all of us crocheters to try to NOT be hooking last minute this year!  I really can't wait to see what else she comes up with!  It is such a smart idea to get ahead of the Christmas Ballgame, though somehow I imagine I will be hooking till the last minute EVERY year with SOMETHING my scatter brained self forgot!  ;)  The notes on my project are located HERE on Ravelry.


  1. I don't have any Infinity so I a thinking about using LB homespun. Going to look in a bit to see if it will work. I Love yours, the purple is pretty!!

    1. I'd go down to an L maybe with that? I think it's a super Bulky?

    2. I used Homespun for one of mine since it's still a #5 turned out well and wasn't as complicated as most projects with Homespun are. Quite a few of us there used varying colors of that fluffy stuff.