Monday, July 8, 2013

Not Another Football Cocoon

Nearly every hooker I know has received at least one order for a football cocoon, or at the very least an order for some similar basic cocoon.  And WHO wants to pay for a pattern for something SO simple?  Not me!  Yet I am ALWAYS left deciding which hook, how many stitches worked best in the multiplier, how many repeat rows???

After getting , YES, another football cocoon order, I set to create a pattern that will work with doubled worsted weight, bulky weight 5 and super bulky yarn, so it SHOULD work with whatever you have lying around.  I included preemie/newborn and newborn/3mo sizes.  And you guys are SO awesome I thought I'd share a copy, not because it is the GREATEST, or most advanced pattern in the world, but just because it is a pain in the butt to remember.

Now then, I did say free pattern, didn't I?

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