Friday, June 14, 2013

My FAVORITE Crochet site YET!

Many of you likely already know of this site, BUT I was just introduced to it today!  This site has a VIDEO Stitch - onary Guide!!!  I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out!!!!

New Stitch A day Video Stitchonary

I LOVE this "boxed puff" stitch.  They send you a new stitch to your email everyday too!  Today they shared a "Rapids Stitch"


  1. Hi, the box stitch is cool...I am pretty sure I used it on a hat once :-) didn't know it was called that. Hope I am in the right place to leave a comment for the give a way. My favorite yarn is Impeccable and hook would be a G. Have a great Sunday..Love looking around.

  2. Not sure where to leave the post but my favorite yarn is the Peaches and cream "Stripes" (red, white, and blue color) and favorite hook is G.

  3. I hope this is a good place to leave a comment about the contest. My favorite yarn is Chroma from Knit Pick (fingering yarn). My favorite hook is the I hook.