Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to create your own graphed hat - #NOTREBLE

After you've been crocheting for a while, inevitably we are drawn to attempt to make pictures with our stitches.  This is where graphing comes in for a crocheter.  You can graph many different ways.  This blog post will explain the single crochet method I use for creating mine.
The most important part of creating a graphed Beanie, is making sure the hat fits!  No one wants to do all that work, only to have a hat that is too large, or too small at the end.  So, to begin your project, you will need to work a gauge swatch.  This is a swatch of yarn you work in regular single crochet rows before you begin your actual hat.  Once you determine which hook and yarn combination give you a gauge of 8 stitches x 7 rows = 2" you are ready.

For those that tend to hook tighter than most, You will likely need a J/10 - 6.00mm hook for this.  For those hookers with average tension you will need an H/8 - 5.0mm hook.

We will also need a graph.  Print off the graph below and create your own photo, or follow one of my free or paid graphs here.

After we have a graph selected, it is important to realize we need to turn it counterclockwise 90 degrees before we begin.  We are going to work a long, rectangle, and join the ends to form a tube, and then close the top.

For example, the picture begins like this:
But we will turn it like this to work it for our project:

This pattern is the intellectual property of Kelli Wohlgemuth. SICK 'LIL MONKEYS reserves all rights to the photos and designs with in this document.   You may sell all items made from this pattern but PLEASE,  If you post photos of your work credit SICK 'LIL MONKEYS with the pattern. 
Photo credits to Pamela Emerson of Pammy's Bare Beanie. Photo credits to Nicole Torbet of Custom Gifts By Nicole

Hat, with 3 closure options below, with a blank graph attached at the end.

Worsted weight Yarn in each color needed for the graph
Size H/8 -  5.0MM Hook such as a SICK LIL MONKEYS Bubble Hook or size needed to obtain gauge
CLICK HERE to get your own Bubble Hook!  Get 10% off with code IHEARTYOURPATTERNS
 or Size J Tunisian crochet hook
Metal large Eye Needle
Measuring Tape
8 SC x 7 rows - 2" x 2"

Please find instructions for a "Sack Style" or Rounded Beanie below:
Single Crochet
SAVE TIME!!!  DO A GAUGE SWATCH  8SC x 7rows = 2"
Row 1: CH 32,  working into the back ridge of your starting chain, SC in 2nd CH from hook and across (32 ST)
Row 2 - 22: CH 1, turn, SC across (32 ST)
Row 23: CH 1, turn, Begin graph at Row 1.  Work odd numbered rows right to left.  Work one SC for each square on the graph.  Begin in the bottom left hand corner of your graph (32 ST)
Row 24: CH1, turn, Continue graph at row 2.  Work even numbered rows left to right.  (32 ST)
Row 25 - Row 54: Continue working graph rows working all odd numbered rows right to left, and even numbered rows left to right
Row 55 - Row 76: Rep Row 2

Tunisian Crochet
SAVE TIME!!!  DO A GAUGE SWATCH   8TSS x 7Rows = 2" x 2"
Each "bar" on your forward pass will count as a square on your graph.  On the return pass, yarn over and pull loop through on TSS in the color of the 2nd loop on your hook ALWAYS.
Row 1: CH 32,  working into the back ridge of your starting chain, work forward pass, CH 1, and work return pass (32 TSS)
Row 2 - 22: work forward pass, CH 1, and work return pass (32 TSS)
Row 23: Begin graph at Row 1.  You will work a forward and return pass for each row of the graph.  As you work the forward pass, use the graph to indicate which color to use for each loop.  Work right to left on the forward pass and left to right on the return pass.  (32 TSS)
Row 24 - Row 54: Continue working graph.  work a forward and return pass for each row of the graph.  Work all rows right to left on the forward pass and left to right on the return pass.  (32 TSS)
Row 55 - Row 76: Rep Row 2 (32 TSS)

After you complete row 76,  join the ends of your long graph piece to form a tube, then at the top, lay it flat with the picture centered and SL ST together on the wrong side.  Turn inside out to hide your seam, and add pom poms if desired. Or to round the top go to the 2nd option.

2nd Option to round and close top (Idea credits to Tabitha Rex):
Using Row 1 - 76 of the Sack style beanie instructions.  After you complete row 76,  join the ends of your long graph piece to form a tube, then at the top, treat the side of each row as a previous stitch, giving you 76 stitches
Round 1: *(1 SC, SC DEC)* repeat from * around, SC (51 ST)
Round 2 -finish: SC DEC around until approximately 6 SC are remaining.
Finish by sewing end closed & add pom-pom if desired. 

To make a larger Hat:Add as many rows as necessary to obtain the length you desire.  A Large adult Hat you would want to measure 22" before joining.  You would then add an SC border, about 8 rows long.

To make a smaller Hat:
Cut rows off;  For example a 3 yr old Hat would need an 18" length. and would add no SC border rows.

The pattern as is should fit a teen or small adult.  I always add a 3 rows SC border and 1 row Rev SC.


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