Thursday, March 26, 2015

Yarn Medley's from the Heart Pattern Review and Red Heart Stellar Yarn Review

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A while back I had the awesome opportunity to test the "Starlight Wristers" by Yarn Medley's from the Heart.  I am SO, very thankful that I did!  Most of my crochet friends know, I am famous for never making anything twice.  I usually find it incredibly boring and tedious to repeat work again.  But this pattern works up very fast and no matter what yarn I have selected they fit perfectly, stripe perfectly, and come out ready to wear about an hour and a half from beginning.  My mom loves these so much, she keeps showing them off at work, so someone begs for them and I have to make her a new pair!

In order to write up this pattern review for you, I worked this pattern for my fourth time.  I was able to finish the newest set during one episode of "The Flash" on the CW.  Would you like to make your OWN pair?  Great! I am thrilled to offer you 75% off this pattern today from Yarn Medley's from the Heart, making it just 50 cents! Just use code: SLMREVIEW at checkout.

I made these with Red Hearts Stellar in Galaxy - ART. E811.  I am just in love with this yarn.  It is absolutely my favorite new thick weight yarn.  It has a small bit of metallic spun throughout, but unlike most spun textured metallics, the thread does not pull away from the rest of the skein at a different tension.  I also found that this spun texture does not separate with my hook the way many brands do.  It is a super soft 99% acrylic blend.  But the BEST part?  This yarn stripes PERFECTLY in even stripes with this pattern.  I am always frustrated with variegates because if I make two of something the stripes are off, but not here!  So if you've been looking for the perfect pattern to perfectly stripe your perfect Stellar Yarn, look for further!

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