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Croc Bonnet Pattern and Susan Bates Digital Row Counter Product Review

A few months ago a dear friend of mine, the owner and operator pf Elisabetta's Babies, asked if I would help her prepare for her upcoming trip to the R.O.S.E. International Teddy and Doll EXPO in July.  She knew she wanted a very "antique vintage Christmas" feel to her theme, and wanted lots of "grays" and "points".  To begin she most certainly KNEW she wanted the FABULOUS Crocodile Stitch Booties By Bonita Patterns but she also wanted a square style bonnet to match that I couldn't quite find just what my client wanted from the lovely Bonita Line, so I came up with this to match my client's order.  Maybe you could use it as well!  I've made the Preemie/Newborn size available over at the Cre8tion Crochet Blog.  You can find the Birth - 12mo sizes right here at the end of this blog and product review.

Just this week, a lovely box of goodies arrived from Red Heart with some of their newest available products for us to review, and though I've never been much for "row counters"...this one caught my eye.  Maybe it is because technically it is a ring, which makes it jewelry, which of course makes me SMILE big ALWAYS, or maybe because of that fun word DIGITAL, yep LOVE anything auto done for me.  And what a project to try this with!  This crocodile stitch bonnet had portions during the project where it became hard to tell rows apart, but this beauty arrived just in time for me to work the largest version!  Shew!  Crisis averted and new FABULOUS product discovered, everyone simply MUST add this digital "ring" counter to your crochet tool kit!  I did find it easier to secure it closed before sliding it on, as my fingers are so small.  It was VERY light weight as well.  From just looking I expected it to bother me from the weight but I did not notice it at all, I was able to count rows by just hitting the button!  I had also worried that the button would get in my way or get hit accidentally, this was NOT an issue at all.  It isn't hard to press, but isn't set in a spot that gets hit accidentally either, it is set in the most perfect spot it could have been, really quite a genius little product.  I could use one for each bag!
Susan Bates Digital Row Counter

Ok, by now you are drooling and ready to see this pattern we've been talking about, right?  Well not just yet!  Hold one just a moment and let's REALLY discuss the yarn you select for this.  The perfect yarn for this project is not only going to be a fingering, lace weight yarn with a WPI (wraps per inch) of 14, but it also need to be soft and PLIABLE.  I did work a few in Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread, and they are cute as well, but the project looks different with a stiffer yarn versus a softer flexible one.  Look for a bamboo or silk yarn for optimum results.  The specific colorway I used is no longer produced, but Darn Good Yarn does make a similar line called .  I have also used Red heart's Sizzle for an American Girl doll version of one of these, but in the end, after trying cotton, silk, nylon, and acrylic, silk was my favorite for the look with this pattern and stitch.   Though the Sizzle Hat did have a very defined stitch that stood up tall and pointy.  It felt like it would make a good "Little Red Riding Hood" costume prop, if I develop the pattern for larger sizes in the future.
DESCRIPTION OF PATTERN- A customer requested a pair of Croc Booties by Bonita Patterns, and wanted a square bonnet to match them.  This is what I came up with, enjoy!

This pattern was designed by SICK 'LIL MONKEYS
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    This pattern is the intellectual property of Kelli Wohlgemuth. SICK 'LIL MONKEYS reserves all rights to the photos and designs with in this document.  You may sell all items made from my patterns. 
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170 yards lace weight yarn with a WPI of 14.  I used Darn Good Yarn's Silk Cloud in Colorway Vintage Embers

Size F/3.75mm crochet hook such as a SICK LIL MONKEYS Bubble Hook or size needed to obtain gauge
CLICK HERE to get your own Bubble Hook!  Get 10% off with code IHEARTYOURPATTERNS; scissors; ribbon
Susan Bates Digital Row Counter


(Birth-3mo, 3mo-6mo, 6mo -12mo)

3 croc stitches x 8 rows of crocs = 2.5" x 2.5"

CH(s) - chain(s), SC - single crochet, FSC - Foundation Single Crochet, HDC - half double crochet, ST(s) - stitch(es),  BLO - back loop only, RS - right side

Special Stitches
V-ST - V-Stitch - modified for this pattern as follows; HDC, CH1, HDC in same ST
CROC - Croc Stitch; Modified for this pattern as follows: 4 HDC down 1st post of V-Stitch, CH1, 4 HDC up 2nd post of V-ST.  My favorite tutorial is located here but uses a DC:

1) When working V-ST rounds; V-ST around where the crocs connect from previous round AND into the V-ST from 2 previous rounds before, at the same time, work next V-ST in center of CROC


R1: FSC (35, 47, 59)
R2: CH 2, turn, HDC in first FSC (this counts as your 1st V-ST), *(skip 2 ST, V-ST) repeat from * (11,15, 19) times, leave last FSC un worked, turn to work in the CH side of the FSC, skip the 1st ST, V-ST in next ST, *(skip 2 ST, V-ST) repeat from * (11,15, 19) times < 24, 32, 40 V-ST>
R3:  CH1, turn,*(CROC in next V-ST, skip next V-ST) repeat from * (6,8,10) times, turn to backside, *(skip next V-ST, CROC in next V-ST) repeat from * (6,8,10) times<12, 16, 20 CROC ST> 
R4:  CH1, turn, SL ST to center of CROC, CH2, HDC in same space(counts as 1st V-ST), V-ST into next V-ST, *(V-ST into center of next croc, V-ST into next V-ST) repeat from * (5,7,9)times, turn to back side, *(V-ST into center of next croc, V-ST into next V-ST) repeat from *  (5,7,9)times, V-ST into center of last CROC <24, 32, 40 V-ST>
R5:  CH1, turn, SL ST to center of V-ST, SL ST in-between 1st two V-STs, *(CROC in next V-ST, skip next V-ST) repeat from * (5,7,9) times, SL ST into center of next CROC,  CH2, turn to backside ,SL ST to center of next CROC, *(CROC in next V-ST, skip next V-ST)repeat from * (5,7,9) times, SL ST to center of last CROC <10, 14, 18 CROC ST> (Below Photo by Michele Orr of Michele's Divine Crochet)
R6: CH2, turn, HDC in same space, *(V-ST into center of next croc, V-ST into next V-ST) repeat from * 4(5, 7,9) times, (V-ST in next V-ST from R4) 2 times, *(V-ST into center of next croc, V-ST into next V-ST) repeat from * 4(5, 7,9) times, V-ST into last V-ST  from R4<24, 32, 40 V-ST> 
(Photo below by Erica Cole of  Needlework Hedgehogs)
R7 - R40: Repeat R3 - R6, for Birth to 3mo go to edging row
R41 - R48:  Repeat R3 - R6 for 3 to 6mo go to edging  row
(Photo below by Linda Banker Muller of Linda Muller's Crocheting Fun
R49 - R56:  Repeat R3 - R6, for 6 to 12 mo go to edging  row

Edging Row: CH 2 turn, 3 DC in each V-ST.  Finish off.  <72, 96, 120 ST>

FINISHING Weave ribbon in and out of edging row or Add buttons, or ribbons with bows to each side, use croc holes as button holes to hook sides together.

I hope you enjoyed the Croc Bonnet

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